Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mama and Daughter night out!

We went to Dave and Busters for dinner, some games and then out for frozen yogurt!

I didn't get to many photos because we were to busy having fun! The only reason I took this one was because the car next to her was out of order! She was the M&M race car of course!)


Keao's school Walk-A-Thon

I was asked by the PTSO to design the shark for the Walk-A-Thon T-shirt the kids were going to be given for participating.

Keao loves the shirt and was so excited to see "mama's shark" on everything!

The school did so well- they raised over $11,000! This is the sign I made up to let everyone know what a great job they did!

Keao's Class
Keao walking!Keao and I after the walk!
She did such a great job!
Thanks to all who sponsored her- she raised $160.00!)

I'm standing!

Its the gluten!

This is the worst of Kai's reaction, its been a long road but we finally have it under control and know it is the gluten that is making him so rashy!(

Its a Military Life

Military Life includes meeting amazing people, promotin and then the need to say "goodbye". Jim was promoted before he and his family moved to Fl for their next assignment.
Jim's promotion ceremony on board the USS Missouri- Captain to Major!
The mama's!

Caleb and Keao! Caleb made the benderoo figures of them:)
Jim, Erin, me and Mark
Caleb, Kai and Zach

Keao first day at Kindergarten

Keao's first day at Kindergarten!
This was her first day to go to the school and see her class and meet her teacher:)
Her First "real" day of school- she got to ware her uniform and stay:)
She was so excited!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Art Show

My Summer Art Class had a Show on Friday, they were all pretty excited, especially when we found out the Military Housing was hosting a Family Movie night right out side from the room I had reserved at the community center! We had lots of foot traffic so I was very pleased!
I had done a progressive project with the kids, the were exposed to all different media- acrylic paint, watercolor, pastel, print making, ink, cray pas, and clay. We also used cardboard (for the city buildings) and sand mixed with glue for the beach.
Here is Keao and her masterpiece!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My new business

I started my own business teaching Art Classes from home. I turned my garage into an Art Studio and have classes every afternoon this summer. The kids are doing great and I'm so proud of all their work.

Growing up is so much fun!

Kai is growing up so quickly and his Big sister is enjoying him more every day and gets so excited to show him how to do things! This is her teaching him how to clap:)

Kai and Eli playing

His first rice biscuit.

Kai is all over the house finding everything! He discovered Keao's magnets so I put hers up high and got out the letter one for him!

Kai has been sitting up for awhile if you set him there but yesterday he was crawling around and sat back on his butt sitting straight up:) and then this morning he pulled himself up, first to his knees and then his feet! He will be walking in no time!

Kauai 6/2009

We took our first official family vacation to Kauai June 6-12th!
We had an amazing time! We saw so much! At Ka'a Beach we swam with fish, and saw Hawaiian monk seals and turtles on the reef sunning themselves. We saw the canyon and took a small hike. There were so many waterfalls which were amazing!

My beach Babies!My favorite beach, Ka'a Beach.


Hiking in the canyon!

Mark even got to surf!

Kauai is the most beautiful island!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Keao!

My little girl is no longer a little girl! Keao turned 5 and is now officially a BIG Girl!

I took her out to a local restaurant that sing to you on your Birthday- she has been waiting to go, so she was very excited!

Her party was on Saturday and she (and I) are so lucky to have such great friends who shared a bounce house with her for her party! They rented it for their boys baseball team for a party in the afternoon so we did a am birthday bash and all the kids had a great time bouncing and using a water slide too!
See how happy she is!

Such a beautiful cake too!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mark was on Duty today so I asked my Best Friend Missy to spend the day with us, especially since she was there when both my kids were born! She loves to go hiking and got me the cool pack Kai is riding in for Christmas. Now that he is big enough to rid in it it was the perfect day to head up the trail!

Half way up and Missy took the baby- he sure was heavy:)
But I took him all the way down-that was easier!

Keao and Jobie the dog!

Practicing Sitting

He doesn't last long but he is getting better!

Farmers's Tan

I'm melting...

Aren't you?

Mark and Jim as kids...

Well its really Eli and Kai but they sure look like their dad's!
I need them to lay on the quilt so I can prove it:)

Happy Easter!

This Easter was special because we spent it with our good friends!
The kids enjoyed a joint Easter Egg hunt after many nights of sitting in church celebrating Holy Week, and they needed to run off some energy! Little Man Josh found (with help from Mr. Mark:) the Big Egg with all the change, he sure was Happy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ford Island Bridge Run

Mark was running his first race and the route went right by our house! We watched the runners go by from our back yard. We would of gone out to street but the sprinklers were on for 1 1/2 hours! (What a waste...but that's another blog:)
Mark is in the me...see the tree in the middle and the guy right in between the bushes...that's him..and he is throwing his shirt to I had to go through the sprinklers anyway!

Keao watching over the fence....

and Kai in his bouncy!


Kai started teething a few weeks ago. This was taken the 2 night after we realized he had teeth coming in. We had given him some Tylenol but it just had not kicked in yet so he took matters in two his own hands:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wetting Down!

The wardroom of Marks ship had the ultimate wetting down this past Friday to celebrate the promotions of some of their fellow officers. They rented out a catamaran in Waikiki for a sunset cruise, but that was just the beginning as we all headed over to the "Shack" for pupus, drinks and some good music!

Play dough!

Play dough was cool when I was a kid, although we never got it! but now they have all these cool toys you can make hair grow out of and cut!

March 19th, Thursday

It was a big day for Kai! He rolled over, front to back, 3 times! And of course he has not done it again since! He also starting cutting his first 2 teeth! He defiantly is not happy about this! The baby orajel helps but he hates the taste! His little pucker face is just to funny...and sorry no I don't have a pic this time:(

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Target in Hawaii!!

The first Target opened last week here in Hawaii and we went on opening night...yes we are dorks! That's the Target sign in the back ground...but if you have had to live without Target for so long you would understand!
And another bonus: Its so close to my house!

Snuggle me...

Keao keeps asking to sleep with her brother, so when he fell asleep while sitting up in the boppy, she didn't hesitate climbing up and snuggling with her brother.

But that didn't last long....