Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honolulu Zoo

Keao, Kai and I took a trip to the Honolulu Zoo with our good friends and neighbors yesterday and we had a great time!
The boys and Keao!
Zach is the one in orange, he is 7 and is Keao's future husband...she reminds him everyday! He just smiles at her:)
Keao and Zach's favorite animals!
They moved pretty fast when breakfast was set out for them, coming from all over! And they even lined up perfectly!
They loved this bench!
These Apes were so loud!

We finally saw a peacock open up as we were leaving. Its was so cool because he had a crowd around him and he kept turning so everyone could see him!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I love it when you smile!

For days now have been trying to capture his smiles, but he is camera shy! But I got it! Its just too cute, he likes to put his tongue out when he smiles...

Bath Time

Kai loves his bath! His big sister loves helping me too, she is so gentle with him. She said to me "Mom I'll do his head and you can do his privates! OK !"


Christmas was great! Santa was very generous this year....
Keao Got her Wowie Doll from Santa! And check out the Angel on the tree...its my mom's:)

Kai's 1st Christmas!

Mark got Pro Bowl tickets from me:) I'm such a good wife, and he doesn't have to take me either!

I got a Wii from my hubby:) We play almost everyday, its so much fun, especially when you can't get out too much with two kids!

Myappreciation for my home town sports....

I was so excited to see they Navy had a pee wee soccer team, I marked it on my calender and drove down to the office early that am to register Keao. I go and buy her cleats and shin guards and socks, I find shorts for her at Goodwill that were never worn for $2.00 ( I love a bargain:) Anyway, the first day of practice (in October) is where my excitement wears off and my appreciation begins. I get to the field and there are a way to many people, and they all have strollers and no one knows what is going on, no staff, no signs, nothing! Just a bunch of family's standing around under the only tree on the field trying to get some sun relief. Now I should also mention that they made the practice/game time for noon on Sat...for 4 year old! Obviously they don't know that they still need to be fed and most still need naps at this age and can't handle waiting. This is my first grip...Then finally a man shows up and has everyone gather in the middle of the sunny field to introduce the couches....45min latter, in the BLAZING sun he is still talking! Now most of the kids have lost it, they are whining, babies are crying, and me the pregnant lady is very annoyed and HOT! Then, although I have half tuned this guy out I hear " We don't have soccer balls, so we are asking all the kids to bring there own." What? are you joking? What did I and the other 80 parents just pay $30 a pop for? Then he tells us " I see most of the kids wearing cleats and shin guards and those aren't allowed" What? This is soccer right? Now do I have to remind this guy he is dealing with 4 year old who by nature can't kick very well and will probably kick a few shins in the process, and sneakers on wet grass usually = kids falling down and running over each other! Now if this is not enough he says " And we except the parent to stay with the child during practice taking him/her to each station" I though I signed her up for a team sport not a soccer clinic! Need I remind you I'm melting, a whale and at this point I'm dealing with contractions! I can't be running around on a soccer field! So finaly this guy stops talking and the kids have 10 mins to "pratice" with out balls...so they run...what a pratice!
The next week I bring her and its still a cluster of people standing around, I find her couch, tell him I'm in no shape to run around on a field and let him know he is in charge of her. I go a park my large self in the shade and watch... its half amuzing, half ????, I see way too many parents pushing strollers chasing their child around the field, I see whiny kids complaning and no soccer balls for soccer pratice! What happend to making a team of 10-15 kids and setting a time for pratice and games, this is what I had when I was a kid. we went, we listened to the couch, we did drills, then we had games. Oh and the money our parents paied bought soccerballs!
Well the season fially ended with a certificate and a medal....Yeah! At least she had Fun!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family Photos

I always get good results at Sears...yes Sears!

The best gift...

I was blessed to welcome another child into my life, my son Kai was born the day before Thanksgiving. All throughout my pregnancy we said I was having a "Turkey" because he was due Nov 22, well his Turkey popper never popped and the "oven" was tired!
I had been having "false" labor for weeks and had been up to L&D about 4 times already with contraction 4-5min apart! They just were not dilating me! I couldn't sleep, I was very large and in pain...for weeks! Well, I went in for my 40 week appointment at my wits end because they don't induce till 41. I was just praying I was 4cm and they would just admit me...but I wasn't quite there yet, so I lost it, yes I started crying...and I never cry! Thank God I had a great Dr, whom I had never seen before...because as I was apologizing for loosing it, he took my hand and said, "It's o.k. I'm here for you." Wow! Did he just say that? Yes and he offered to strip my membrane (which I had never heard of but wish I new about sooner!) That was all I needed...Dr told me to go walk, go eat and then come back in a few hrs and tell L&D they were consistent and strong...wink,wink... ( which they were anyway) but they were getting MORE consistent and strong:) so I wasn't stretching the truth at all! And I was 4cm when they checked me again so yeah I was staying! My hubby called my BF Missy who was present at Keao's birth so she could be with us for Kai too. Let me tell you without both of them I don't know what I would of done! They kept me focused and calm, especally after Kai was born. He had his cord wraped around his neck so tight they had to cut it off of him! I only saw him for a quick sec as they were wisking him over to the warmer to suck his airway, he was so cute and dark! Now at this point I didn't understand how serious everything was, it took a while for him to start crying and I had asked if he was ok, and yes he was fine but they wanted to bring him to the NICU to suck his airway more. But first they let me hold him...and they didn't bring me a dark baby they brought me a pink one! At that moment I relised he was purple at first sight not dark like my hubby...so I lost it...
He was amazing! Mark went with him to the NICU and Missy stayed with me. That was the longest hour of my life, but he was back in my arms and total fine!

There is the Big Sister herself...so proud and excited about her little brother!

We took him home on Thanksgiving...my little turkey...

I'm off...

O.k. so I've had this blog awhile, but I've never done anything with, well unless you can count thinking about it:) So I suppose if I have a New Years resolution it will be to post on here more often. So here it goes....enjoy:)