Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mama and Daughter night out!

We went to Dave and Busters for dinner, some games and then out for frozen yogurt!

I didn't get to many photos because we were to busy having fun! The only reason I took this one was because the car next to her was out of order! She was the M&M race car of course!)


Keao's school Walk-A-Thon

I was asked by the PTSO to design the shark for the Walk-A-Thon T-shirt the kids were going to be given for participating.

Keao loves the shirt and was so excited to see "mama's shark" on everything!

The school did so well- they raised over $11,000! This is the sign I made up to let everyone know what a great job they did!

Keao's Class
Keao walking!Keao and I after the walk!
She did such a great job!
Thanks to all who sponsored her- she raised $160.00!)

I'm standing!

Its the gluten!

This is the worst of Kai's reaction, its been a long road but we finally have it under control and know it is the gluten that is making him so rashy!(

Its a Military Life

Military Life includes meeting amazing people, promotin and then the need to say "goodbye". Jim was promoted before he and his family moved to Fl for their next assignment.
Jim's promotion ceremony on board the USS Missouri- Captain to Major!
The mama's!

Caleb and Keao! Caleb made the benderoo figures of them:)
Jim, Erin, me and Mark
Caleb, Kai and Zach

Keao first day at Kindergarten

Keao's first day at Kindergarten!
This was her first day to go to the school and see her class and meet her teacher:)
Her First "real" day of school- she got to ware her uniform and stay:)
She was so excited!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Art Show

My Summer Art Class had a Show on Friday, they were all pretty excited, especially when we found out the Military Housing was hosting a Family Movie night right out side from the room I had reserved at the community center! We had lots of foot traffic so I was very pleased!
I had done a progressive project with the kids, the were exposed to all different media- acrylic paint, watercolor, pastel, print making, ink, cray pas, and clay. We also used cardboard (for the city buildings) and sand mixed with glue for the beach.
Here is Keao and her masterpiece!