Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Keao!

My little girl is no longer a little girl! Keao turned 5 and is now officially a BIG Girl!

I took her out to a local restaurant that sing to you on your Birthday- she has been waiting to go, so she was very excited!

Her party was on Saturday and she (and I) are so lucky to have such great friends who shared a bounce house with her for her party! They rented it for their boys baseball team for a party in the afternoon so we did a am birthday bash and all the kids had a great time bouncing and using a water slide too!
See how happy she is!

Such a beautiful cake too!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mark was on Duty today so I asked my Best Friend Missy to spend the day with us, especially since she was there when both my kids were born! She loves to go hiking and got me the cool pack Kai is riding in for Christmas. Now that he is big enough to rid in it it was the perfect day to head up the trail!

Half way up and Missy took the baby- he sure was heavy:)
But I took him all the way down-that was easier!

Keao and Jobie the dog!

Practicing Sitting

He doesn't last long but he is getting better!

Farmers's Tan

I'm melting...

Aren't you?

Mark and Jim as kids...

Well its really Eli and Kai but they sure look like their dad's!
I need them to lay on the quilt so I can prove it:)

Happy Easter!

This Easter was special because we spent it with our good friends!
The kids enjoyed a joint Easter Egg hunt after many nights of sitting in church celebrating Holy Week, and they needed to run off some energy! Little Man Josh found (with help from Mr. Mark:) the Big Egg with all the change, he sure was Happy!