Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Art Show

My Summer Art Class had a Show on Friday, they were all pretty excited, especially when we found out the Military Housing was hosting a Family Movie night right out side from the room I had reserved at the community center! We had lots of foot traffic so I was very pleased!
I had done a progressive project with the kids, the were exposed to all different media- acrylic paint, watercolor, pastel, print making, ink, cray pas, and clay. We also used cardboard (for the city buildings) and sand mixed with glue for the beach.
Here is Keao and her masterpiece!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My new business

I started my own business teaching Art Classes from home. I turned my garage into an Art Studio and have classes every afternoon this summer. The kids are doing great and I'm so proud of all their work.

Growing up is so much fun!

Kai is growing up so quickly and his Big sister is enjoying him more every day and gets so excited to show him how to do things! This is her teaching him how to clap:)

Kai and Eli playing

His first rice biscuit.

Kai is all over the house finding everything! He discovered Keao's magnets so I put hers up high and got out the letter one for him!

Kai has been sitting up for awhile if you set him there but yesterday he was crawling around and sat back on his butt sitting straight up:) and then this morning he pulled himself up, first to his knees and then his feet! He will be walking in no time!

Kauai 6/2009

We took our first official family vacation to Kauai June 6-12th!
We had an amazing time! We saw so much! At Ka'a Beach we swam with fish, and saw Hawaiian monk seals and turtles on the reef sunning themselves. We saw the canyon and took a small hike. There were so many waterfalls which were amazing!

My beach Babies!My favorite beach, Ka'a Beach.


Hiking in the canyon!

Mark even got to surf!

Kauai is the most beautiful island!