Saturday, February 28, 2009

Its been too long...

Almost 2 weeks since I posted but for good reason! We had family in town:) We have been here in Hawaii now for 6 months so it sure is nice to have people around. They ( Mark's parents and Matt and D, our friends) came into town for Kai's baptism. We asked Matt and D to be his God Parents over 4ht of July weekend when we were in MN. D was so excited, she never though she would get to be a God Parent because her one and only brother passed away when she was younger, so I was honored she was so excited! And they got engaged the day after they arrived! I wondered if Matt would purpose out here and he did! Mark helped him set it up too and at my favorite restaurant here in Hawaii, Haleiwa Joe's in Kailua. They have a beautiful pond and garden area, called Haiku Gardens, below the restaurant so they went for a walk down there before dinner:) After a great dinner we stayed at Bellow's AFS beach cabins for 2 nights, another favorite spot of mine:)
Sunday was Kai's Baptism on board Mark's ship the USS Lake Erie at 1pm. He was baptized in the ships bell where his name was hand stamped, so he is officially part of the ship!
We had a great turn out for this special occasion with many friends and ship mates in attendance. I don't think the ships bridge ever held so many people! We had a BBQ at Bellows after to celebrate, which was a great end to such a wonderful day.

Monday we left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and we out to the wine bar for drinks
and some great food!
Tuesday was to be a pool day but it was cold and overcast...
yes she is wearing a jean jacket by the pool in Hawaii!

Wednesday was skydiving!

All went except me...someone had to live for the kids:)

Seeing no one died skydiving we enjoyed a luau!

Mark got Matt (in the white shirt) into a grass skirt and this is what ensued....
It was so cold! See Kai on my lap, he is wearing a sweater on top of all his clothes and was wrapped in a blanket!

Thursday was going to be sunny and clear and warm…
So we hung out all day at the pool! And we all got tans!
Friday we just hung out and had a late lunch at Tikik's in Waikiki. After the kids walked around with the grandparents and we indulged in a sunset cruise around Diamond Head.

We left Matt and D in Waikiki after so they could enjoy some romantic time this weekend.
Mark's parents left today and after church tomorrow we will met up with Matt and D before they head back to snowy MN!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Going bald...

Well not me, nor my husband...our tires! At the last oil change my hubby comes home saying we need new tires. So after calling every place on the island the dealer was the cheapest. So my husband called them back and booked the apt for 3 weeks latter on the 10th. ( we were expecting the tax return:) Well of course I notice, while my hubby was TAD to VA, that there was a large nail in the tire. It was not leaking but I didn't want to chance it! So I called the dealer and told them the problem and asked if I could get them changed tomorrow (the 6th). "Sure no problem!" they said. So seeing I had to take 2 kids and had to wait for 3 hours, I packed up the DVD player, toys, extra diapers, snacks and even took Keao to McDonald's for breakfast as a special treat. We set up shop in the waiting room and the kids were being really great:) 2.5 hours later the service guy comes in to tell me that the tires are going to be $197 each. "Well, no they are supposed to be $150 my hubby got a quote" I said. He tried telling me the price of rubber went up and I told him the quote was good when we booked the appointment and were told it would be at time of install. Then he told me they need to order the tires, they are on the mainland. "Well why weren't they ordered 3 weeks ago, when we booked the appointment?" "uh I don't know." he says...urrrg good thing my kids have been good, but still its not cool! I've been sitting for 2.5 hours! So we go order the tires and I pay for them (at original price) and they say it will be 5-7 days and they'll call when they arrive. Do you think they called? No they sure didn't. My hubby called them yesterday to see if they had arrived and they had 3 days ago! Well by this time I'm ticked. Really ticked! I got on the phone made an apt to come in that afternoon and asked for the manager. Well he was not in, but I could speak to him when we got there. Our tires were finally installed after 2 hours and we had not seen the manager. I just told the hubby I would send a letter, I really hate making a scene, I'm to nice. Then our service guy (same guy all this time had been helping me) came out and quietly apologized and said he wasn't charging us today. Well that made me very happy! I just saved $200! All forgiving!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pro Bowl 2009, Last year in Hawaii

Today was the Pro Bowl!
As I had mentioned before, being such a good wife I got my hubby tickets to the game for Christmas, although he didn't have to take me he did, no, no! Let me just stop you right there...stop the "aaa what a good husband he was for taking you anyway" because he had to, I got to go by default! But I'm glad I did! We really had a great time! I don't care to watch it on TV, but being forced to watch it this past year, I sure have learned more about the game so it was more exciting to see it in person. Seeing we only had 2 tickets, the little lady spent the day with our neighbors, although Zach got to go to the game with his dad, her and the other 2 boys played so they were quite content! The little man taged along with us seeing he was free:) So he got to go to his first football game although he slept the whole time! And it was loud too!

We had seats in the Nose bleeds... there was only one row behind us! See them behind us in this photo? Surprizingly they were really good seats! They were in the SHADE the whole time and right in the middle of the field so we could see everything, even the halftime show was facing us!

Kai's first trip to beach

We headed over to Lanikai beach last weekend!
Yes I braved a bathing suit just 9 weeks pp, but I did pick a not so crowed beach and a very not so crowed spot, hence the shade (and no photos of me:), which was just right for the little man!
Someone gave me a little net/sun shade that fits on the infant carry car seats but I found that it fit just right on his bouncy chair so we took that with us.

He slept the whole time so I had to brake the cardinal rule of "never wake a sleeping child".
But we had to get his feet wet!

And of coure the little lady was super excited to go!