Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pro Bowl 2009, Last year in Hawaii

Today was the Pro Bowl!
As I had mentioned before, being such a good wife I got my hubby tickets to the game for Christmas, although he didn't have to take me he did, no, no! Let me just stop you right there...stop the "aaa what a good husband he was for taking you anyway" because he had to, I got to go by default! But I'm glad I did! We really had a great time! I don't care to watch it on TV, but being forced to watch it this past year, I sure have learned more about the game so it was more exciting to see it in person. Seeing we only had 2 tickets, the little lady spent the day with our neighbors, although Zach got to go to the game with his dad, her and the other 2 boys played so they were quite content! The little man taged along with us seeing he was free:) So he got to go to his first football game although he slept the whole time! And it was loud too!

We had seats in the Nose bleeds... there was only one row behind us! See them behind us in this photo? Surprizingly they were really good seats! They were in the SHADE the whole time and right in the middle of the field so we could see everything, even the halftime show was facing us!

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smiledarlin said...

I am SO GLAD to see you have a blog and I can follow you and the family.
Boy they look good and healthy & happy.

I am about to leave Tulsa in the am and it is very hard saying bye to Kaleb & parents....Tough being a distant Granny... ;(

I will watch this and keep up with y'all. Thanks!