Saturday, February 14, 2009

Going bald...

Well not me, nor my husband...our tires! At the last oil change my hubby comes home saying we need new tires. So after calling every place on the island the dealer was the cheapest. So my husband called them back and booked the apt for 3 weeks latter on the 10th. ( we were expecting the tax return:) Well of course I notice, while my hubby was TAD to VA, that there was a large nail in the tire. It was not leaking but I didn't want to chance it! So I called the dealer and told them the problem and asked if I could get them changed tomorrow (the 6th). "Sure no problem!" they said. So seeing I had to take 2 kids and had to wait for 3 hours, I packed up the DVD player, toys, extra diapers, snacks and even took Keao to McDonald's for breakfast as a special treat. We set up shop in the waiting room and the kids were being really great:) 2.5 hours later the service guy comes in to tell me that the tires are going to be $197 each. "Well, no they are supposed to be $150 my hubby got a quote" I said. He tried telling me the price of rubber went up and I told him the quote was good when we booked the appointment and were told it would be at time of install. Then he told me they need to order the tires, they are on the mainland. "Well why weren't they ordered 3 weeks ago, when we booked the appointment?" "uh I don't know." he says...urrrg good thing my kids have been good, but still its not cool! I've been sitting for 2.5 hours! So we go order the tires and I pay for them (at original price) and they say it will be 5-7 days and they'll call when they arrive. Do you think they called? No they sure didn't. My hubby called them yesterday to see if they had arrived and they had 3 days ago! Well by this time I'm ticked. Really ticked! I got on the phone made an apt to come in that afternoon and asked for the manager. Well he was not in, but I could speak to him when we got there. Our tires were finally installed after 2 hours and we had not seen the manager. I just told the hubby I would send a letter, I really hate making a scene, I'm to nice. Then our service guy (same guy all this time had been helping me) came out and quietly apologized and said he wasn't charging us today. Well that made me very happy! I just saved $200! All forgiving!

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