Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honolulu Zoo

Keao, Kai and I took a trip to the Honolulu Zoo with our good friends and neighbors yesterday and we had a great time!
The boys and Keao!
Zach is the one in orange, he is 7 and is Keao's future husband...she reminds him everyday! He just smiles at her:)
Keao and Zach's favorite animals!
They moved pretty fast when breakfast was set out for them, coming from all over! And they even lined up perfectly!
They loved this bench!
These Apes were so loud!

We finally saw a peacock open up as we were leaving. Its was so cool because he had a crowd around him and he kept turning so everyone could see him!

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Howdy said...

I'm not sure who made more noise the kids or the monkeys! The kids came in a close second for sure! Fun to see and hear Keao... lots of Love - Granny